Tuesday, 26 July 2011


I've changed the font for post text in order to try and keep the web page feel the same but make it more readable. Note that I am not a web designer and quite crappy at such æsthetic considerations, so you best say something if you want it changed =) I don't do anything that I can't do with Blogger's point-and-click interface because, despite having the technical expertise to do so, giving myself the ability to change more will just let me make it even uglier.

So, use this blogpost to complain/suggest in the comments, but it's time limited to a week before you have to live with what you get ;) If it is still intolerable at the end, I suggest you read the blog through the RSS feed, in which I will syndicate whole blog posts, not just snippets.


  1. Why oh why weren't you a double major in computers and linguistics?

  2. Hahah, because linguistics at Syracuse was laaaaame. I didn't know how *really* good I was at it until later, either. I might one day go back for a degree in it, for fun, once I get the rest of my life straightened out. It's never too late to change, but for now I have to finish up this whole PhD lark I decided to give a go =p

  3. Also, sorry it took so long, I haven't a clue 1) why your comment needed moderation and 2) why it didn't tell me, I will rectify shortly.